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Inclusion: A Principled Guide for School Leaders – Nicola Crossley and Des Hewitt


“Inclusion: A Principled Guide for School Leaders” offers invaluable insights and practical advice for leaders striving to create an inclusive educational environment. Dive into discussions on inclusive learning, family partnerships, special needs, and more, supported by illustrative case studies.

Full Description

A Principled Guide for School Leaders by Nicola Crossley and Des Hewitt

Are you a school leader seeking to foster a culture of inclusion within your educational institution? Look no further than “Inclusion: A Principled Guide for School Leaders” by Nicola Crossley and Des Hewitt. This illuminating book delves deep into the essence of inclusion, examining what it should genuinely encompass—inside classrooms, across school campuses, and throughout the entire education sector.

Each chapter within this thought-provoking guide serves as a catalyst for dialogue, challenging you to contemplate the purpose of education and assess how far we’ve come in embracing inclusion. Through insightful case studies drawn from diverse schools and addressing a wide array of topics, including inclusive learning, partnerships with learners and families, special educational needs, socioeconomic disparities, and cultural diversity, this book brings inclusion theory to life.

The authors provide not just theoretical insights but also practical suggestions for principled leaders. They outline ten essential principles of inclusive leadership that empower you to transform your educational environment into a haven of equitable education and acceptance.

“Inclusion: A Principled Guide for School Leaders” is your compass for navigating the complex landscape of inclusive education. Whether you’re a school principal, administrator, or educator, this book equips you with the knowledge and tools to champion inclusion and create an educational environment where every student can thrive.