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Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction by Tony Buzan


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“Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction” by Tony Buzan is a colorful and engaging workbook designed to introduce children to the benefits of Mind Maps in their education. With step-by-step examples and fun elements like jokes and cartoons, this book makes learning enjoyable and efficient.

Full Description

Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction by Tony Buzan

“Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction” by Tony Buzan introduces an innovative system of planning and note-taking designed to make schoolwork enjoyable and significantly reduce homework time. This book is Tony Buzan’s tailored approach for a younger audience, perfect for children aged 7 to 14.

Drawing upon his thirty years of experience teaching children worldwide, Tony Buzan demonstrates the magic of Mind Maps in the classroom. With Mind Maps, remembering facts and figures becomes effortless, planning becomes a breeze, and the frustration of not having an answer is a thing of the past.

In “Mind Maps for Kids,” Tony Buzan breaks down this incredible system using step-by-step examples across various subjects in the curriculum. He showcases how Mind Mapping can assist kids in:

  • Enhancing memory and concentration.
  • Creating clearer and more effective notes.
  • Excelling in revision and exams.
  • Generating ideas and unlocking their imagination.
  • Saving valuable time.

This full-color workbook prioritizes enjoyment and fun. In addition to memory and concentration improvement tips, the book features jokes, cartoons, and brain-teasers.

“Mind Maps for Kids” opens the door to a shortcut to success, enabling children to leap ahead in their learning journey.