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Removing Dyslexia As a Barrier to Achievement – Neil MacKay


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“Removing Dyslexia As a Barrier to Achievement” is Neil MacKay’s renowned Dyslexia Friendly Toolkit, now in its 3rd edition. This comprehensive resource offers practical guidance and strategies to eliminate barriers to learning and promote inclusive education, benefiting all teachers.

Full Description

Unleash the power of inclusion and overcome barriers to learning with “Removing Dyslexia As a Barrier to Achievement” by Neil MacKay. This book, now in its 3rd edition (2012), is the renowned Dyslexia Friendly Toolkit—a trusted resource in over 7,000 schools.

Within its pages, you’ll discover a treasure trove of practical guidance, empowering ideas, and bold assertions about inclusion. Neil MacKay presents a wealth of strategies to meet diverse learning needs and eliminate obstacles to learning. These strategies are firmly rooted in best practices and draw from a wealth of relevant experience.

In this updated edition, Neil delves into the art of boosting the learning of dyslexic and other SEN (Special Educational Needs) pupils. He addresses challenging topics, including school improvement by building confidence in SEN learners, integrating the Inclusion Development Plan into whole school practice, and fostering robust dyslexia-friendly practices in busy and diverse schools.

Neil MacKay’s unwavering commitment to “Achievement for All” shines through his work and writing. His practical inclusion ideas are accessible to all teachers, requiring no specialized knowledge.

Unlock the potential of inclusion and eliminate the barriers to achievement with Neil MacKay’s empowering toolkit.