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Special Educational Needs 3rd Edition by Linsay Peer and Gavin Reid


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“Special Educational Needs 3rd Edition” is a comprehensive resource that covers contemporary policy issues and provides insights from practitioners. It offers specialized guidance for supporting learners with additional needs and is suitable for students, teachers, and practitioners.

Full Description

Special Educational Needs 3rd Edition by Linsay Peer and Gavin Reid

The third edition of “Special Educational Needs,” authored by Linsay Peer and Gavin Reid, is a comprehensive guide to inclusive practice that delves into contemporary policy issues, offers insights from practitioners, and provides specialist guidance for a wide range of common syndromes. With a unique blend of theory, knowledge, and practical expertise, each chapter is penned by experts in the field of Special and Additional Educational Needs.

This latest edition introduces new chapters that address:

  • The current landscape of Special Educational Needs in research and practice.
  • Speech, language, and communication in the context of supporting learners with SEND.
  • The role and utilization of technology in aiding students with additional needs.
  • Pathological/Extreme Demand Avoidance (PDA/EDA), shedding light on this unique aspect of SEND.
  • The importance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders.
  • Perspectives from children and young people themselves.

This text provides a robust foundation for comprehending and assisting learners with additional needs, making it an invaluable resource for students, educators, and practitioners alike.