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Talkabout Transitions – Chris McLoughlin and Alex Kelly


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“Talkabout Transitions” offers a comprehensive program of activities to support young individuals during the transition from education to employment. With 40 engaging activities and valuable resources, this book is an essential resource for professionals and young people facing this critical life stage.

Full Description

Talkabout Transitions by Chris McLoughlin and Alex Kelly

Prepare young people for a successful journey from education to employment with “Talkabout Transitions” by Chris McLoughlin and Alex Kelly. This comprehensive program of activities is designed to provide vital support during this critical life transition.

Following the proven and successful TALKABOUT structure, this program is organized into various topics and activities, each meticulously crafted to impart the essential skills needed for further education or a smooth entry into the world of employment. The topics covered include exploring diverse opportunities available to school leavers, offering guidance on the application and interview processes, and developing the skills required for a thriving career.

By approaching transition as a process of discovery, “Talkabout Transitions” removes the fear and uncertainty often associated with this transformative period. It empowers young individuals to embrace change with confidence.

This invaluable resource includes:

  • Assessment and evaluation forms to tailor the program to individual needs.
  • 40 engaging activities that facilitate skill development.
  • Fully photocopiable and downloadable color resources to support group sessions.

Professionals working with teenagers and young adults with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) needs, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities will find this program invaluable. Additionally, teenagers and young people who may be daunted by change or facing challenges in finding or retaining employment will benefit greatly from this program.

“Talkabout Transitions” is your guide to ensuring a smooth and successful transition into the world of education and employment for young individuals.