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Total Teaching – Neil McKay


“Total Teaching” offers a philosophy and practical approach by Neil McKay to enhance the learning experience for all students, regardless of formal diagnoses. Discover practical ideas and teaching techniques to improve inclusivity and differentiation in your classroom.

Full Description

Total Teaching by Neil McKay

Discover the transformative approach of “Total Teaching” by Neil McKay, a philosophy and practical guide designed to elevate the achievement of students who may face learning challenges, even without a formal diagnosis of special needs. Neil’s passion for enhancing the learning experience for all students shines through as he emphasizes the importance of identifying and prioritizing the needs of these students within mainstream classrooms.

This philosophy is not merely a set of ideas; it’s a call to action for teachers to make a significant impact on their students’ learning journeys. “Total Teaching” empowers educators to proactively address the needs of students who are on the cusp of achieving their learning goals, without the need for additional funding or a special educational needs (SEN) diagnosis.

Neil MacKay’s ideas and teaching techniques provide practical tools to enhance the inclusive quality of your lessons and ensure effective differentiation, benefiting all students. By embracing “Total Teaching,” educators can drive improvements in individual student outcomes while contributing to the overall success of their school.

Whether you’re an experienced teacher or just starting your teaching career, “Total Teaching” offers a powerful framework to enhance your classroom practices and promote inclusivity.