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Working Memory & Learning – Susan Gathercole & Tracy Packlam Alloway


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“Working Memory & Learning” offers teachers valuable insights into the role of working memory in learning. Authors Susan Gathercole and Tracy Packlam Alloway provide practical strategies to support students with working memory deficits, making it an essential resource for educators.

Full Description

Working Memory & Learning by Susan Gathercole and Tracy Packlam Alloway

Unlock the key to effective learning with “Working Memory & Learning” by Susan Gathercole and Tracy Packlam Alloway. This practical guide is tailored for teachers, offering a comprehensive overview of the pivotal role played by working memory in the learning process throughout the school years. Grounded in theory, it provides valuable insights to inform best practices in education.

Topics covered include:

  • The critical link between working memory skills and essential areas of learning, such as literacy and numeracy.
  • Exploring the relationship between working memory and children with developmental disorders.
  • Assessment strategies for identifying children with working memory deficits.
  • Practical and effective techniques for supporting under-performing children by enhancing their working memory.

This accessible guide is a valuable resource for SENCOs, teachers, teaching assistants, speech and language therapists, and educational psychologists. Gain a deeper understanding of working memory and learn how to address it effectively within your educational setting.