SENsible Magazine November 2023

by | Nov 7, 2023

Welcome back!

This month, we have something a little different to offer you…  Wondering what? Well, I’m not going to tell you…

Ok, ok, stop shouting at the screen.  This month, we have two versions of the SENsible Magazine for you to look through.  Now the content ‘should’ be the same, but the layout is different.

Why? I hear you shout, yes, stop shouting at the screen, I really can’t hear you.  Well, last month it took me 2 weeks to design and create, so we looked at hiring it out to some people who have far more knowledge and professionalism than myself (I’ve never been known for my professionalism anyway!)

Two? Yes, two… That’s because we wanted to do some comparisions on what we could get for the money spent, and offer one of them a monthly contract to design the magazine going forward.  This is where I need your help.  Below you can see and download both versions of the magazine.  If you are logged into our website (free members included) you should see a poll to which you think is the ‘better’ of the two.  Simply read, click and submit, we will be doing the same for the December issue as well and your votes will select who continues to work with us for the magazine design in the future.  It’s a bit like green peppers and red tomatos on Ready, Steady, Cook (Feeling old?)

We will announce the winner in the January issue of the magazine, so please get voting and use the comments below to discuss any improvements you feel we should make.

Good luck to both our designers.

SENsible Magazine A

SENsible Magazine Nov 2024 – 1

SENsible Magazine B

SENsible Magazine Nov 2024 – 2

Your Vote matters!

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