SENsible Magazine October 2023

by | Oct 1, 2023


So, you’ve come back again for another edition of the SENsible Magazine, well grab a cuppa, sit back, put your feet up and take a gander at this month’s copy.  We know things are super busy for you at the moment and we do appreciate the time you’re spending reading the magazines that we have created. Without further ado, let’s dig in to what we’re talking about in this edition!  And no Dale is not taking over this month!

To start off we’ll be talking about something dear to our heart, more appreciation for our beloved Teaching Assistants, you know the ones that you are always looking for and occassionally you find lurking in a cupboard when a colleague asks if you have one spare. With cohort five of our free TA apprenticeship programme about to kick off, it’s always great to have little piece of the magazine devoted to these hardworking and underpaid individuals.

I mentioned hardworking, but how much congnative load can you cope with? If you’ve been reading the daily reminder blogs, you’ll know we’ve been focusing on educational pyschology, and we’re bringing a larger understanding to our magazine. It will literally blow your mind.

We’ve the usual pieces, including competition winners, a big well done to our two winners this month, yes, you will need to read on to find out who won the SENCO Spa break, we were a little a surprised and delighted with who was pulled out our preverbal hat.

Finally, well not completely finally, as there is lots more in this edition. But, we would like to announce the doors to our new event platform are fully open, with our first event being the SENsible24 SENCO conference.  Conferences are normally dull and boring, but we assure you this one is more a social gathering with some fun and a bit of learning mixed in.  There’s also free food in the sit down meal, though if your a sensitive soul try to not be placed near me, I’m all elbows! And with nearly 200 people to sit down in an hour it’s going to be like musical chairs without the music, we’re hoping the service levels are super! If not we’ll just get the prosecco out and turn the conference into a SENCO party! Disco lights?

We’ve lots still to do, but if you have any comments or just want a random chat, use the ‘message us’, I get to answer all the calls and love chatting with you all!


Till next time, enjoy!

Gavin & Abigail (Mainly Gavin, but shh)


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