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100 ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD


“100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD” is a must-have resource for educators. Discover 100 practical ideas to support students with ADHD throughout their academic journey, authored by experts Geoff Kewley and Pauline Latham.

Full Description

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD by Geoff Kewley and Pauline Latham

Unlock the full potential of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with “100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD” by Geoff Kewley and Pauline Latham. This invaluable resource is packed with 100 practical ideas to enrich and foster learning for students with ADHD.

The ideas presented in this comprehensive guide span a wide spectrum, providing solutions for educators at every stage of a student’s academic journey. From strategies for preparing to teach a child with ADHD to techniques that nurture their social skills and boost self-esteem, this book equips teachers and support staff with a wealth of effective tools.

Geoff Kewley and Pauline Latham, experts in the field, share their extensive knowledge and experience to help educators create inclusive and supportive learning environments. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting your career, these ideas are designed to empower you with practical approaches to engage and support students with ADHD.

Enhance your teaching repertoire, build a deeper understanding of ADHD, and inspire positive learning outcomes with “100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD.” This book is your go-to resource for transforming the educational experience of students with ADHD and helping them thrive academically and socially.