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“ADHD an A-Z” offers essential guidance and practical advice for individuals with ADHD or those suspecting they have it. Explore a wide range of topics, from finances to relationships, and unlock your full potential with Leanne Maskell’s invaluable insights.

Full Description

ADHD an A-Z by Leanne Maskell

Are you navigating life with an ADHD brain and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that come your way? “ADHD an A-Z” by Leanne Maskell is your indispensable companion, designed to transform your journey from anxiety and isolation to empowerment and confidence.

This practical guide is a lifeline for those with ADHD or those suspecting they may have it. It offers a unique perspective, speaking directly from an ADHD brain to yours, bypassing the often frustrating neurotypical or clinical advice.

Structured in an accessible A-Z format, this comprehensive guide covers a wide range of topics, from burnout and finances to time management and relationships. It provides you with invaluable tips and the self-assurance you need to unlock your full potential. By understanding how ADHD brains work and learning to harness your unique thought processes, you’ll discover the power to think creatively and overcome life’s obstacles.

“ADHD an A-Z” is not just informative; it’s a practical resource filled with life advice. You’ll find guidance on managing impulsive spending through budgeting plans, insights into coping with rejection sensitive dysphoria, and strategies for relaxation. This book is your steadfast companion, offering unwavering support throughout your ADHD diagnosis and beyond.

Empower yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with “ADHD an A-Z” by Leanne Maskell.

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