Dyscalculia Assessment – Jane Emerson and Patricia Babtie


“Dyscalculia Assessment” provides educators and professionals with a comprehensive tool to assess and support children facing math difficulties. With clear instructions, teaching strategies, and personalized learning plans, this resource is invaluable for primary school children and can be adapted for older students.

Full Description

Dyscalculia Assessment by Jane Emerson and Patricia Babtie

Unlock the key to understanding and addressing math difficulties in children with “Dyscalculia Assessment” by Jane Emerson and Patricia Babtie. This comprehensive assessment tool is designed to assist educators and professionals in investigating and supporting children facing challenges in mathematics.

With clear, user-friendly instructions and photocopiable or downloadable assessment sheets, this resource empowers you to conduct assessments effectively. The valuable evidence gathered through these assessments can then be used to create personalized learning plans tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Inside the book, you’ll find:

  • An Introduction to Dyscalculia and Other Co-occurring Difficulties
  • Guidance on How to Conduct Assessments, including a Suggested Script and Behavioral Observation Tips
  • Teaching Tips and Strategies
  • Instructions on How to Interpret Assessment Results and Develop Personalized Learning Plans
  • Engaging Games and Activities that Reinforce Numeracy Skills

While “Dyscalculia Assessment” is ideal for use with primary school children, it can be easily adapted to suit the needs of older students as well. Whether you’re an educator, a specialist, or a parent seeking to support a child with math difficulties, this resource equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make a meaningful impact on their mathematical journey.

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