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Effective Differentiation by Abigail Gray


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“Effective Differentiation” empowers teachers to address the diverse needs of SEND pupils in mainstream classrooms. Abigail Gray provides practical strategies, checklists, and reflective tools to demystify SEND and promote inclusion.

Full Description

Effective Differentiation by Abigail Gray

Empower yourself with “Effective Differentiation” by Abigail Gray, a comprehensive guide that demystifies Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), clarifies jargon, and promotes proactive learning.

This book addresses the challenges of differentiating teaching to meet the diverse needs of individual children. It translates current research and policy into easily understandable concepts, offering a practical framework for implementation. Starting with self-evaluation, it invites readers to think, reflect, understand, and take action.

Designed for busy teachers, each chapter provides checklists and photocopiable tables for tracking progress. It is brimming with prompts, activities, and practical ideas, offering a rich portfolio of strategies to ensure inclusion and enhance the learning experience for SEND pupils in mainstream classrooms.