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Identifying Special Needs: Checklists for Profiling Individual Differences – Glynis Hannell


“Identifying Special Needs” offers educators practical checklists and resources to screen, profile, and support students with special needs. Whether in the classroom or as specialists, this book empowers professionals to provide tailored support for student success.

Full Description

Identifying Special Needs: Checklists for Profiling Individual Differences by Glynis Hannell

Unlock the power of identification and support with the 3rd edition of “Identifying Special Needs: Checklists for Profiling Individual Differences” by Glynis Hannell. This indispensable resource provides practical checklists and tools that empower both classroom and specialist teachers.

Key features of this edition include:

  • Screening any student for possible special needs
  • Deepening understanding of the causes and characteristics of various special needs
  • Efficiently preparing for intervention or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team meetings
  • Linking classroom observations to diagnostic criteria used by specialists
  • Creating accurate and comprehensive profiles for individual students
  • Recording each student’s unique developmental pattern within the realm of special needs
  • Streamlining information recording to save time on lengthy reports
  • Coordinating information from multiple teachers or professionals
  • Monitoring progress and tracking significant changes over time
  • Engaging parents in observing and discussing their child’s strengths and challenges
  • Planning effective, inclusive classroom interventions
  • Accessing recommended further reading, websites, and professional references for continued learning

Recognising special needs and profiling each student’s distinct blend of strengths and challenges enables educators and educational professionals to ensure that all students receive the tailored support they need to thrive academically and personally.