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Post-16 SENCO Handbook by Elizabeth Ramshaw


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“Post-16 SENCO Handbook” is a practical resource for Special Educational Needs Coordinators in further education. It provides guidance on managing support for students with additional needs and fostering effective collaboration with various stakeholders.

Full Description

Post-16 SENCO Handbook by Elizabeth Ramshaw

“Post-16 SENCO Handbook” authored by Elizabeth Ramshaw is a practical and accessible resource that offers indispensable guidance to Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) in sixth forms and further education colleges. It addresses the management of support for students with additional needs, emphasizing effective collaboration with colleagues, students’ families, and external professionals to facilitate coordinated and impactful provision.

In response to the revised Code of Practice 0-25 years (2015), the further education sector has needed to adapt its approach to the support and responsibility for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. This book provides the most current information on supporting and assuming responsibility for learners with SEN and disabilities, delivering practical advice and guidance on:

  • Understanding the expectations placed on Further Education colleges and an overview of the various learning difficulties and disabilities they may encounter.
  • Implementing assessment methods and emphasizing the importance of ongoing vigilance and analysis.
  • Exploring the roles, responsibilities, and specialized expertise required to provide diverse support for distinct needs.
  • Requesting and reviewing Education, Health, and Care Plans.
  • Collaborating with families, caregivers, schools, and external professionals.
  • Planning for the seamless transition of a learner’s further education experience.

“The Post-16 SENCO Handbook” is essential reading for individuals involved in the provision of post-16 education for students with additional learning needs, seeking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their practice.