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Leading on Inclusion by Mhairi Beaton, Geraldene Codina and Julie Wharton


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“Leading on Inclusion” is a valuable resource for SENCOs, providing a deep dive into their leadership role in SEND provision. This book blends academic and practical perspectives, encouraging critical reflection and offering essential guidance for both aspiring and current Special Educational Needs Coordinators.

Full Description

Leading on Inclusion by Mhairi Beaton, Geraldene Codina, and Julie Wharton

“Leading on Inclusion” by Mhairi Beaton, Geraldene Codina, and Julie Wharton is a comprehensive resource that offers diverse perspectives on inclusion, providing Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) with a deep exploration of the principles and practices that define their leadership role.

This book combines both academic insights and practical knowledge, with each chapter delving into different facets of the SENCO role, aligning with areas addressed in the National Award for SENCOs. It covers essential topics such as the significance of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision, the value of multi-disciplinary practice, the role and responsibilities of SENCOs, and leadership in the context of inclusion.

Key features of “Leading on Inclusion” include:

  • Contributions from leaders of the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinators, who work closely with trainee SENCOs nationwide.
  • An emphasis on encouraging SENCOs to deeply reflect on their individual practices by engaging with cutting-edge research.
  • A flexible structure that allows readers to either read the book in its entirety or refer to specific sections as needed for ongoing professional development.

This book offers readers the opportunity to engage with a variety of perspectives and approaches, enabling critical exploration of their role as leaders in SEND provision within educational settings. It is an invaluable resource for both students aspiring to become SENCOs and individuals currently serving in the role of Special Educational Needs Coordinator.