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SENsible24 – A SENCO Conference

Event Info What is SENsible24? SENsible24 is our first ever conference designed just for SENCOs.  It’s full of practical tips and ideas around how to make your job easier.  You’ll hear from leading experts in a wide range of fields, with our topic...

Hosting Drop-In Sessions: Why and How?

You’re in a bustling town square. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, there’s a charming little tent with a sign that reads: “SEND Drop-In Sessions – Step Right In!” Inside, there’s a delightful exchange of ideas, stories, and insights. And who’s that playing...

Participating in Awareness Weeks: A Guide

Imagine you’re entering a marathon – only to realise your laces are tied together, making the race daunting, if not impossible. Similarly, our SEND students might feel the strain of standardised examination setups. Examination Access Arrangements (EAA) are those...